Social Distance Barriers Help Local Businesses Continue Operating.

North Vancouver based and geared up to provide local businesses with clear Plexi barriers and can provide options for the best solution to suit the social distancing requirements for your business.

Ready to go Solutions

We have designed and built ready to go solutions so that they can be purchased and dropped in.

Designed for its cost effectiveness, ease of use, portability, and simplicity.

Available in multiple sizing options.

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Custom Builds

We are setup to create custom builds to match your space and provide your staff with the most protection. Being sized to your space will limit the gaps and increase safety.

We offer measuring, designing, manufacturing and installation all in a single package!

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Off the Shelf Units!

$275 Countertop
$375 Desk Divider
$375 Table & Seat Divider

Rounded corners and beveled edges on every surface are hand friendly


  • Thick high quality 1/4inch (6mm) Acrylic
  • Large base ensures stability from accidental tip over from movement or wind and drafts
  • Pre-drilled screw holes in the base allows for easy permanent installation

Sizes Available: (inches)

  • Small: 28 wide x 32 tall x 10 deep
    (opening 10x4.25)
  • Medium: 30 wide x 32 tall x 10 deep
    (opening 12x4.25)
  • Large: 32 wide x 32 tall x 10 deep
    (opening 14x4.25)
  • X-Large: 34 wide x 32 tall x 10 deep
    (opening 16x4.25)

Freestanding design allows for placement on expensive counter tops without screws, drilling, glue, or tape that cause damage

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Custom Builds!

Custom designed to fit your space

Custom dimensions and cuttout placements to fit your counter and staff


  • All the same amazing features of our ready made screens.
  • Custom size and shape
  • Curved or straight top to suite your aesthetic.
  • Freestanding, mounted or hanging
  • Cut-out locations, size and shape based on your needs

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